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Prospettive Musicali

martedì 1 marzo 2016

L'ispirazione e' un momento di felicita' che ci coglie di sorpresa. Nasce da uno stato mentale tranquillo e rilassato

"An inspiration is a happy moment that takes us by surprise.


Inspiration is there all the time for anyone whose mind is not covered over with thoughts and concerns, and used by everyone whether they realize it or not.


It is an untroubled state of mind. Of course, we know that an untroubled state of mind cannot last, so we say that inspiration comes and goes, but it is there all the time waiting for us to be untroubled again.


As an artist you will have to try and live with inspiration.


You must clean and arrange your studio in a way that will forward a quiet state of mind".

Agnes Martin, Paintings, writings, remembrances.