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mercoledì 22 aprile 2015

Fare conversare scrivere passeggiare

"Doing, making, healing, cooking, caring, conversing face-to-face, writing proper letters, rambling in nature — all seem to me infinitely more satisfying than merely buying things, being passively “entertained” by images on screens or engaging in various forms of digital non-communication. 

In this sense the column has sometimes struck me as countercultural and I did occasionally wonder if I was fighting a losing battle. But I like to think that there have been some victories along a respectably long road. 

That the menace of mobile phone mania and its incursion into public space and the counterproductive overuse of email are now quite widely recognised, I count as a small victory for the slow approach to life".

Mi manchera' leggere ogni sabato The slow lane, ma mi consolo pensando che la filosofia di vita unhurried fa si' che certi scritti non abbiano una data di scadenza. Restano interessanti per molto tempo. Riletti dopo anni suonano ancora attuali.

The slow lane continuera' a regalare ispirazione anche ora che non esiste piu'.